Who we are

We are a small company based in upstate New York specializing in truly open and scalable web and email hosting. Our main focus is helping small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the USA to harness the power of the internet without having to give up their privacy, security, or freedom.
We are also proudly American and only service the United States.

Our mission

Simply put, we are here to help you build your online presence.
Let us handle the technical stuff. You focus on your business.
We will provide high value, scalable, cloud-based email and web hosting solutions without all the B.S.

Who we are here for

We are specifically targeted to help the small business owner looking to reach new customers, the entrepreneur planning a new online venture, and the blogger looking to get more engagement. Let us give you the tools you need to succeed.

Our philosophy

You shouldn't need to know anything about servers, programming, or the latest technology trends to be successful online.
We will simply provide efficient, cost-effective and scalable online solutions.
We believe strongly in free speech and free enterprise and it is our explicit policy to help you thrive.

What we will NOT do

We will NOT harass our users for any legal activity or content. Your politics will never cause you issues from us.

We will NOT dazzle you with unnecessary technical jargon or decisions. We provide straight up options, and are very clear about any additional fees or scope of work.

We will NOT sell or mine your information. Enough said.