Break free from the big providers.

Other providers nickle and dime you per user, while mining your personal information to sell, directly or indirectly. Furthermore, it is increasingly popular to "black bag" those with differing politics from the site owners.

At The Chill Hacker, your data is yours, and we will never dig through it or sell it. Your politics and opinions are also yours, and we will never ban anyone or harass anyone based on their free speech. Oh yeah, and we also charge substantially less than the big guys with easy, transparent pricing so you can predict your monthly expenses.

Take back your rights

Web Hosting

  • Simple, flat fee
  • Hands-off scalability
  • Free HTTPS on all accounts
  • Flexible hosting: choose Wordpress, import an existing site over, or have a custom site built. We can run about anything!
  • Total free speech


Email Hosting

  • Simple, flat fee
  • Hands-off scalability
  • Up to 100 users
  • IMAP, POP3, and EAS (Exchange) support (all encrypted)
  • CalDAV and CardDAV support
  • Webmail included
  • No one but you reads your email


Custom Development

Do you need something a bit more specific? Whether you need a custom WordPress module, some help building a new e-commerce site, or a completely custom web application, our engineers can get you set up.

We can work with most programming languages and stacks, and are flexible enough to handle your next project.

Contact us to get started!