About Scott Toland

Sometimes, you have to rock a suit.

Sometimes, you have to rock a suit…

Scott is a self-trained technology professional, specializing in Linux based network administration and management using devops methodologies. Executing his chosen career straight out of high school, he now has a thriving career as a high-end network engineer and developer.

Along the way, in order to keep a balanced lifestyle, he has accumulated many skills and interests along the way, which he tries to apply to everyday and professional problems in unexpected and novel ways.

Knowing that there are many thousands of like-minded people all over the world, who had the same initial life situations, but who may not be capitalizing on it as well as they’d like, he chose to start producing material to help those same people – not only help them succeed, but help foster a healthy understanding of what success is on a personal level.

Not to mention, to get in a few laughs along the way.


…other times, you don’t..